cyberbullying is bad dont do it

by kam kam and kay kay


1.25 % of teenagers report that they have experienced repeated bullying via their cell

phone or on internet.

2.Over half 52 % of young people report being cyber bullied.

3.Citation.http :// no bullying .com/ cyber-bullying-statistics-2014/.

tips about cyberbullying prevention

1.Ignore the bully at first this will usally cause the bully to give up.

2.take a screen shot of and evidence you have against a cyberbully.

3. bullying.

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example of cyberbullying vs bullying.

1.The target is much more likely to become the bullying in cyberbully then in face to face bullying


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definition of an upstander

1. an ustander is an indiviual bully who sees wrong and acts

citation http//