Keeping Up with Klager

The week of March 14, 2016

Report Cards

We have switched to the Powerschool report card at this trimester. You may have noticed that the student report cards have only scores in the T2, or Term 2, column. In the fall, we used the same report card format to mark you students grades on a stand-alone document. We have moved to the Powerschool program to house the grades/marks on our network.

We will have a copy of the first-trimester report card in your student's permanent record along with the final reporting from this year.

Don't forget to sign the report card envelope and return it to your child's classroom teacher. All documents inside the envelope are for you family.

You should have found a Spring conference notice. Your child's teacher has marked your form if they felt a conference was warranted. Please read over the form and return to you child's teacher. All conferences are scheduled by your child's teacher.

Dinner and a Movie was a Success!!!!

Thanks to all of the families that purchased tickets for our first Dinner and a Movie Night. We are so thankful to raise close to $500 for our Leader In Me efforts. Some of this money will go towards training new staff in the 7 Habits and purchasing paint for our hallways. (We are having fun with the new quotes and colors on the walls).

We especially want to thank Miss Yekulis and her team for organizing and pulling off a saucy night for everyone. We really appreciate all of the hard work performed by our Chef and servers. They made it look easy.

With luck, we can get Miss Yekulis to organize this wonderful event again.

QSP Fundraiser

On Wednesday morning, we will have a fifteen-minute assembly to kick off the QSP fundraiser. This is a Readers Digest project that asks us to collect the addresses of 10 people. QSP then sends these ten people a postcard asking if they are interested in ordering magazines. There is no interaction past this point unless the families choose to order magazines.

This is a very easy fundraiser that can raise money for our Scholastic News/Weekly Reader magazines or pencil sharpeners or books about Leadership. This is the easiest fundraiser we will ever do for the profit that we will receive. We really need every family to fill our a booklet with ten names, including your own. I have filled this out every year my children were in Klager. I only ever received one postcard or flyer from the company each time my name was presented.

The students are given a booklet, a note, and a reminder bracelet that goes home on Wednesday. They are given a deadline to return the booklets. When they return the booklet with the correct number of names they will receive a Garfield toy similar to the beloved JRFH dogs that the students have been enjoying.

I have attached the flyer so you can preview what is coming home. We will come to classrooms near the end of the day and collect booklets and hand out the prizes.

Student flyer:

Kindergarten Roundup April 20th

Please join us for Kindergarten Roundup on April 20th from 4-7 pm. The registration packets will be available in the office starting March 28th.

Math and Science Night April 22nd

Klager's Math and Science Night is coming soon! This year, kids are also encouraged to make and display their own science project. A form will be sent home soon with directions. This will be free of charge.