Portrait of a Hero

Learning from Yoni Netanyahu

What Are You Passionate About? How will you use that passion in your life?

Until now, I must admit, I never felt the country. Never before had I felt this so powerfully. I knew the country existed, that I was living in it, and that, if the need arose, I would fight for it. But really to feel the place, the soil, the mountains and valleys of Israel—this sensation I have now experienced for the first time.

How Do You Deal With Setbacks?

I find myself at a critical stage in my life. My work possesses me and I don’t want it to. I do things because they have to be done, and not because I want to. The same haunting question returns – can I work like this and wear myself out? And the answer is always – I must persevere, finish what I have begun…

Some people think heroes are born & others think heroes are made....

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