DC Staff Update

22 March 2015

I'm grateful this week for...

...actually quite a lot of things lately, in particular the major events such as the Y8&9 Camps, the Y13 Diploma Art Exhibition (did you take an opportunity to go and see the students' art?), the work put into the ICAS Competitions, the House debating, the MUN and ACAMIS trips, along with a myriad of other activities across the school. Thank you all for your dedication and good humour across the term. I think we are all looking forward to Friday's end-of-term assembly and then a couple of well-deserved weeks holiday.

Alice's adventures

The school is abuzz with anticipation over Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, our primary production running over this coming Wednesday and Thursday. This is going to be another fantastic performance, only made possible by the hard work of Frank, hugely supported by many, many staff and students, both in primary and secondary. Break a leg...

Teachers and Students front and centre

One teacher and two of our students have represented DC in front of large audiences this weekend..


We are interviewing candidates this week for the Head of Drama, 10-month English and MYP/DP Teacher-Librarian positions, and hope to have these wrapped up by Friday.

This week

    • Ensemble Evening on Tuesday night, followed by two nights of Alice's Adventure in Wonderland (Wed/Thurs).
    • Join the March babies for our birthday morning tea on Wednesday in the staffroom at 10.25am.
    • We have a number of staff wanting to share a St Patrick's Day celebration at staff briefing on Friday, with that morning also seeing the House Battle of the Bands end of term assembly. School will finish at 12noon.
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