Say NO To Drinking & Driving

By: Jazmine Marie Veloz

What Is DWI? What Is The Felony?

Driving While Intoxicated Is What DWI Means. If a driver kills or injures someone as the result of driving while under the influence of alcohol the person can be found guilty of a felony and could go to state prison for years.

5 Fact On Drinking & Driving

  1. Impairment is not reliant upon the type of alcohol consumed, rather the number of drinks over a certain period of time. Despite myths and misconceptions, coffee, a cold shower, or exercise will not make a person more sober; only time will.
  2. On average, a drunk driver will drive 80 times under the influence before their first arrest.
  3. Every 53 minutes in America, a life is lost in a drunk driving crash; that equates to 27 people every day.
  4. For drivers under 21, the U.S. has a No Tolerance policy which does not allow any alcohol to be in the blood system while behind the wheel. The consequences could include expensive fines, loss of license, or jail.
  5. Every 90 seconds, someone is injured from a drunk driving incident.

The Cost Of DWI

The first offense can cost up to $2,000. Fines for a second offense can reach $4,000, and a third offense can land you $10,000 in the hole.

30 Ways DWI Can Effect You

  1. Lose money
  2. Arrested and Booked
  3. Appear in Court

  4. Lose Your Driver's License

  5. Pay a Fine

  6. Go to Jail

  7. Complete the Terms of Probation

  8. Go to Drunk Driving School

  9. Undergo Alcohol Evaluation

  10. Pay Higher Auto Insurance

  11. Install an Ignition Interlock Device

  12. Lose your job
  13. Lose your insurance
  14. Can't go out of the state or country
  15. Lose your license
  16. Have a bad reputation
  17. Get into a bad crash
  18. You can't get a job easily
  19. Car rental companies might refuse a request for a vehicle due to a DWI record.
  20. Both traffic violations and criminal offenses might result in harsher penalties due to a DWI.
  21. A DWI record might lower your chances for admission to an educational program or disqualify you from scholarship opportunity.
  22. Your ability to get any kinds of guns might be limited or barred altogether
  23. A residential facility might deny a rental application due to a DWI record.
  24. It can effect your loved ones and how they turn out to love you in the end.
  25. Your driving record shows if you have a DWI conviction and that's not good.
  26. Ruin your life practically.
  27. You can hurt yourself and the people around you.
  28. Lose everything in your life.
  29. Get in trouble with the law, very badly.
  30. Might have a parole officer.

6 Ways To Avoid Drinking & Driving

  1. Do not drive.
  2. Have someone drive you places if you do drink.
  3. If you do drink, do it somewhere walking distance of your home.
  4. Eat lots of food.
  5. Call a taxi.