Relaxing, because life isn't too taxing!

What Kind of People:

People who want to be able to relax and not have an overwhelming amount of responsibility would thrive in this society. People who are high strung and are most happy when there are high amounts of adrenaline will not fit in.

Why it Exists:

Life is stressful and having a lot of responsibilities takes away from having time to do things that make you happy. This society has fewer requirements so people have more time to follow their passions. For example, kids in school wouldn't have homework or high stakes tests so they can enjoy their time outside of school by hanging out with friends and doing other fun activities because they will not be stressed by school.

Special People Who Go There

Happy, friendly, open minded people who want time to pursue interests that intensely stressful life could get in the way of should come to Chillville. People who come to our utopia will be able to achieve many of the fun things they want because their life will be relaxed enough to do that. This will make our citizens happier and will increase their quality of life.

American Dream

This society contradicts and is almost the exact opposite of the American Dream. The American Dream involves working hard to get what you want and be happy, but this society is based on the idea that not having to do an excessive amount of work so you have time to do what you want and that will make you happy.

Comparison to Fahrenheit 451

The hopes of the society of Fahrenheit 451 are a happy community full of obedient people. Our hope is a stress free life for all citizens.

The fears of Fahrenheit 451's society are people having too much knowledge and becoming powerful. In Chillville, we fear people having too much stress and becoming grumpy and unhappy.

In Fahrenheit 451, the biggest rule is no books. There are also rules against walking and driving too slow, as well as doing anything too strange. Chillville's rules are keeping stress low by limiting how many stressful activities can be required in a certain amount of time.

In both Chillville and Fahrenheit 451, the government holds the power, but in Chillville, the government gets input from the people because that prevents them from making decisions the people don't like, which could cause stress.

Intellectuals in the society portrayed in Fahrenheit 451 are shunned and silenced. In our utopia, intellectuals are encouraged because they might use intellectual activities to relax and reduce stress in their lives.

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Disclaimer: Potential issues: People would have no work ethic and would eventually start performing at a low level and be lazy because of the low standards. There would be less motivation to do things because stress is a pretty good motivator.

Address problems: Citizens of Chillville would need to complete certain tasks, but those would have a minimal stress level and more stressful tasks, such as taxes or oral presentations, would be few and far between.

Drawbacks: Some drawbacks to Chillville are that in attempt to reduce stress, fewer things get done. For example, schools would not give as much, if any, homework because homework is stressful, but that means the students do not learn as much because knowledge isn't reinforced at home.

People who want to leave Chillville will be allowed because forcing people to stay in this society will be stressful for those who want to go and those who are making them stay.

Who would think it's a dystopia: Some people thrive off of adrenaline and enjoy stress. They would find this a dystopia because it forces them to be something they're not.