Mi Vida Loca en Jamaica

By: Michaela Chambers

Day One: We arrived!

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Jamaica's Flag!
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We landed!

Days Two: Beautiful Features!

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This restaurant is called Houseboat grill restaurant! It is so good there ever though I'm kind of new to the different tastes of food. But, my favorite food that I had to eat there was:

Day Three: What a disaster!

Dear BFF,

I had fun the past two days of my trip so far, but today October 20th has been a disaster! Bad news is, is that I got kicked out of my hostel :( and I don't know where else to go. I have family in Jamaica but the problem is, is that I don't have their address and they won't pick up the phone! Ugh, life has to be getting better, huh? I'm thinking maybe since I have a lot more money left I could go buy and stay in a new hotel in Jamaica but just not the one I have been in already. I have no where else to stay but let's see if my idea will work about buying a new hotel. Well I miss you and I hope you receive this letter before I return back from vacation so you can write me back. See ya!

Love Ya,


Day Four: Time to Celebrate!

National Heroes Day

This is the day where Jamaicans celebrate heroes who fought for freedom against tyranny of slavery on October 21st. How we celebrate it is we dance and tell stories of what we heard all about the seven heroes who fought for us. These seven specific heroes fought for the same goal. For the poor, equal rights, justice and peace.
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Day Five: GASP! What a surprise!

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This really affects me because now I can go traveling wherever I want with my new car. Since that day I got in a car crash, I had to use a rental car for a month now because I couldn't afford one yet until I got a lot of money. I could've bought my own because I had a lot of money left, but my friend was being so generous I don't know how to repay her back!

Day Six: Home...Sweet Home!