Week two- school continues!

September 12th -16th


My first field hockey game- by Bella

I had the most exciting weekend ever! This weekend I had my first field hockey game. For those of you who don’t know what field hockey is, it is a sport with a stick and a hard and heavy ball.My team,highlands, has 5th and 6th graders on it. We always play on Saturdays and we played at Northern Highlands field. The players have to wear goggles and a mouth guard and they have to use a wooden stick to hit a ball. Each player is trying to get the ball into the net.If you are a goalie you have to wear goggles mits and goalie pads. I really enjoy field hockey because It is a fun sport that I like. The best part of playing field Hockey was that we won. The score was 1 to 0.
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My Birthday Weekend by Ben

This weekend is my birthday weekend! My birthday is September 18th. I will be 13 years old. That night I am going out to eat at Waterside Restaurant in North Bergen, NJ. I am going with mom and dad. I was there for a wedding and I loved it. The outside part has a dock where we can eat and gaze at New York City. I am going to get meatballs for dinner and ice cream for dessert. They will probably have a cake for me and they’re going to sing happy birthday to me. If there is thunder and lightning we will eat inside, which is nice too. I am also going camping at Sandy Hook Beach, NJ from Friday to Sunday. I’m going with the boy scouts. I will be cooking hot dogs. My mom is going to bake a cake to bring down there. It’s going to be a great weekend!

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The First Native Americans by Jack

In Miss Baier's Social Studies, my class is learning about Native Americans and how they arrived in North America. The Native Americans originally came from Australia and they traveled from Russia into Alaska by crossing over the land bridge called Beringia. About 14,000 years ago, they traveled over the land bridge and separated into two groups, one group swept across Canada and the United States, The other group stretched through Central and South America. I am focusing on the southwest region of North America for my project. My group picked the Yavapai Tribe. We are looking at their culture, rituals, and language. I can’t wait to find out all about this tribe.