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What is Stop Animation?

Have you ever seen Wallace & Gromit? Click on this link to watch some fun animation videos! Or a Tim Burton film? This may look difficult but surprisingly it’s easy to master and you can simply draw illustrations, use toys, Legos, manipulatives, school/household objects, etc. to present in your video. Stop Animation is a great way to show concepts that involve processes and progression, like explaining how something works. You can use it for any subject! Here are some creative ideas to spark your imagination:

Science: Any science processes like the water cycle, food webs, dominant and recessive genes, planet rotations, moon phases, erosion, etc.

Math: You can use manipulatives to explain progressions like fractions, place value, multiplying and dividing, etc.

Social Studies: Re-enact events from a historical time period or a timeline using Legos, clay sculptures.

Language Arts- Write out poetry or show a favorite scene from a book.

Art- Sculptures come to life, progression of art projects from the year.

Stop Animation Periodic Table Video

Stop-Motion Science: The Periodic Table

How to Video on Stop Animation

Student video: Stop animation is easy!

Clay Animation @ Weaver

I taught a clay animation science unit for all the 6th graders at Weaver Lake. Students wrote "I Am" poems in Language Arts and we converted one of their chosen lines to a clay animation project. Check out a sample video below. If you are interested in learning about Stop Animation, let me know! Just another way to differentiate with students in the classroom. Janelle and I are also hoping to create a video section in the media center next year. More details to come on our media center remodeling project!!
Jessica's Clay Animation