China's water pollution

by Perri and jade

Learn about how China's water pollution effects people

In this picture it shows a water body with bunches of trash around it and the water is very very dirty. Many citizens of China not only bath in this water but they also drink it. They also dump dead bodies in the streams, along with ashes and animal corpse. All this is effecting the people by drinking and bathing in nasty water containing human, industry, & agricultural waste is causing algae to build up which also causes the oxygen level to decrease causing fish to die. Which is one of China's food sources.

Examples of what water pollution does to people

Guaranteed to be harmful and deathly

China's water pollution statistics

Effects of water pollution

water pollution kills fish which is their main food resource. More than 500 million people used contaminated water which has made cancer the number one killer. 24,000 villages have been abandoned due to deadly water. Across the country more than two thirds of cities have water shortages.
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water pollution was not only in big bodies of water but it was also on the streets. it caused damage to roads and destruction to peoples houses!