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April 2019

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Navigating a New Normal

Dear Prospector Families,

These are unprecedented times! Please allow grace as we all navigate a new normal - for yourselves and others. Each family is faced with challenges that are being met in different ways and at different paces. We understand! We are also facing challenges at home and as a school. Our greatest challenge is that we are missing our students and families!

We have 537 students signed on in Google Classrooms for distance learning! I am proud of our teachers and school community for working to provide continued learning opportunities for our students. Please take advantage of these learning opportunities, which include review and new concepts. You may call the school office or email us if you need assistance getting on to Google Classroom. With the news that our closure is extended until the end of the school year, it is our hope that each family is supported with learning opportunities, either digitally, or with text books and assignments. We understand that families may need to adjust their levels of learning engagement based on circumstances.

Please know that it is our heart to see each family thriving, appreciating the slow down and time together, and meeting these challenges in a way that builds strength, positive character, and community. Please let us know if you have a need, and we will work to see if there is a way that we can support you. We miss you, and we love you, Prospector community!

On behalf of our YVES staff,

Celeste Wahlberg, MA, MEd


Yucca Valley Elementary School

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TK and Kindergarten Enrollment is Open!

We're excited to welcome our newest Prospectors! We have been planning welcome activities for a while, and we will now navigate those remotely. Here is what's coming!

  • April - August Enrollment
  • May 1- Virtual Orientation
  • May - Adventure Academy 1
  • June - Adventure Academy 2
  • August - Adventure Academy 3
  • August - Kindergarten placement screening
  • August - TK and K Back to School

Adventure Academies will help parents and students prepare for a successful learning adventure at Yucca Valley Elementary School.

Families can enroll at Check out our video promo below!

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YVES Yearbook

From our yearbook editor Ms. Cole:

Yearbook Update! This has been a crazy endeavor, y'all. Unfortunately, there have been some technological difficulties this year that are slower to resolve. What does that mean? Yes, you are still getting yearbooks this year. They may just be delayed (much like everything else at the moment). I am working closely with Lifetouch to work this out for all of us.

Please continue ordering yearbooks online at Our yearbook code is 12520020.

I am working hard to make these yearbooks something special! They are still $15 for the soft covers and $20 for the hard covers.

PBIS Progress!

Congratulations to our staff and students on making impressive gains in PBIS! Want to know what that looks like? Check out our progress in the graph below! Don't know what PBIS is? Click on this link for some fantastic updates shared by Ms. Kristen Mery, our PBIS coordinator:
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Reason to Celebrate

I had planned to create a video that told some of our 2019-2020 story as we review our goals and progress for the year. I wanted share that with you now so we could celebrate some of the great things happening at YVES. We hope that it encourages and inspires you as much as it does us! I am very proud of our school community and of the progress that we have made! Click on the link below to view. #YVESGOLD

Distance Learning and Resources @ MUSD

The Morongo Unified School District Webpage has frequent updates and other resources. Click here to go to the MUSD Webpage.

Here is an example of frequently asked questions:

Will the work my child completes be turned-in and graded?
(April 7, 2020) At this time, no assignments will be submitted to teachers and no assignments will be graded. Grades for students are frozen as of March 13. These lessons are to keep the grade level or subject specific curriculum moving forward and is an effort to continue to prepare students for the next grade level.

Be assured that the district is working on a policy that will address future graded assignments that will allow students to raise their grades as well as a plan for graduation and promotion ceremonies. When these plans are completed, this information will be publicized on social media, through google classroom, media outlets and site-level communications to parents and students.


  • Please monitor your teacher's Google Classroom, Class Dojo or our Facebook Page for updates. We will also send periodic robocalls and emails for current updates.
  • We are working on communicating with Lifetouch about spring pictures.
  • Our FFA Treasurer is hard at work processing refunds for science camp, hockey tickets, and a field trip. Those will be mailed.
  • We will wait for direction from district office on any plan for students to get their personal items from classrooms. At this time, we are adhering to the stay at home directive.
  • We will continue daily meal distribution from 9:30-11:30 for children ages 0-18.
  • Teacher appreciation week is coming May 4-8. It's a great opportunity to celebrate our amazing teaching staff!

Earth Day Fun

In honor of Earth Day, let's get outside and have some fun. Every day this week (April 20-24), you will be given a task to find something from nature. Go for a walk, look in your garden, check your backyard, and maybe even your lunch! Snap a picture of what you find and share on Facebook or Class Dojo.
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Teacher Appreciation Week May 4-8

Show appreciation for our wonderful teachers!

Monday: make a card (take a photo and post to Google classroom)

Tuesday: My favorite thing about my teacher is......(upload video message or write it and post a photo on Google classroom completing the phrase)

Wednesday: flowers (either real or drawn), take a photo and post to Google classroom

Thursday: Thank you to my teacher for......... (upload video to Google classroom or write it and post a photo completing the phrase)

Friday: Gift of choice (Amazon and Starbuck gift cards can be purchased online and delivered to your teacher’s email)

Feel free to participate in any or all days!

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Spring Challenge Extended!

Our Spring Challenge was set to end May 1st, but we are extending it to June 1st. We want all of our Prospectors to have the opportunity to earn a Swag Bag and a T-shirt! Students can sign up using their school accounts, and you can check with your child's teacher to see if they have a Khan Academy class set up. If not, follow the directions below.
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YVES Vision

We empower and equip students to reach their highest personal and academic potential to pursue a limitless future.
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