Jim Stefan

Jim Stefan: Entertainment & Artist Manager

Jim Stefan

Jim Stefan is a highly accomplished Entertainment Professional. He is the owner of EMPV Model & Talent Management, which is an agency that represents leading talent in the areas of acting and modeling. Jim Stefan is also the owner of Lloyd Harrison Entertainment. Jim Stefan utilizes his extensive expertise and vast experience in the Industry to provide excellent results to all of EMPV Model & TalentManagement’s stake-holders.

Jim Stefan: Youth Sports Advocate

Jim Stefan believes that sports can be a valuable asset to any individual, especially those of a young age. Jim Stefan is a supporter and recently appointed official of the Football NSW Southern Branch, a youth football association that caters to kids and families throughout New South Wales.

Jim Stefan has long understood the values of teamwork, which are an intregal part of youth sports. Possessing good team-work skills is beneficial for many areas of life, including but not limited to the workplace, school, community involvement, and numerous other of other aspects of day to day life.

Jim Stefan believes that parents should encourage their children to participate in sports because of the many ways in which sports can help teach them valuable life skills. Kids who participate in sports learn valuable lessons about integrity, commitment, sportsmanship, teamwork, and other practical skills and virtues.

Jim Stefan knows that sports are an ideal way to help kids stay physically active. Providing a fun, engaging, and competitive extracurricular outlet for kids, sports are a valuable asset to any community. Kids who participate in sports are able to release their abundant level of physical energy in a positive and healthy way. Also, kids who participate in sports may be more likely to continue practicing regular physical activity and fitness principles as adults.

The health and happiness of children is important to Jim Stefan, who is proud to be involved with NSW Football as the head of the organizations Marketing and Advertising Division.

Jim Stefan on the evolving news industry

Jim Stefan has witnessed the most significant shift in the news industry since the advent of the television in the 1900’s, when news was first introduced in the video medium. The introduction of television, however, did not result in as serious a decline in the popularity of daily, weekly, and monthly paper publications in the way that the internet has.

As the former newspaper publisher of the Sydney Tribune and Sydney Journal magazine, Jim Stefan is knows first-hand the dramatic changes that the publication industry has undergone in the last few decades.

While many popular publications are still printed regularly every day across the world, the popularity of online news mediums has permanently changed the publication industry. Jim Stefan knows that journalism has undergone systemic changes that will continue to widen with the growing popularity of other means of obtaining information and news.

Jim Stefan is a former member of the Journalists Association of Australia and spent much of the 1990’s as the publisher for some of Australia’s most prominent publications. Jim Stefan witnessed the direct impact that the internet made on the journalism sector, with increasing demand for news online.

The definition of what is considered news itself has changed significantly since the mainstream introduction of the World Wide Web in 1996, a year in which Jim Stefan was the newspaper publisher for the Sydney Tribune and publisher of the Sydney Journal magazine. While tabloid and other alternative news publications have offered a customers with number of special-interest news categories for many years, modern news has become more inclusive of celebrity and other types of news that would not have previously not been covered by news media outlets.

Despite the constant changes that the field of journalism has undergone in the past 2 decades, Jim Stefan believes that it will remain a very valuable asset to businesses and society at large for many, many years to come.

Jim Stefan: Supporting Football NSW Southern Branch

Jim Stefan is a major supporter of Football New South Wales Southern Branch. As an appointed executive member to the Football NSW Southern Branch, Jim Stefan serves as the Head of Marketing & Commercial Division.

Football NSW is a youth sports organization that Jim Stefan has been a long-time supporter of. Football NSW selects youth football players from various ages. Jim Stefan has provided support to Football NSW Southern Branch for many years.

In his current position as the Head of Marketing & Commercial Division, Jim Stefan provides his expertise in the areas of marketing, advertising, and other areas to the Football NSW organization. Jim Stefan is honored to be able to serve as the Head of Marketing & Commercial Division at Football NSW, where he is able to support an organization that helps kids develop valuable skills.

Jim Stefan believes that sports can be very beneficial towards the maturity and development of youth. Through its inherent team-building and character development aspects, football is a great vessel to help kids improve upon many different virtues.

A believer in staying physically active as a method of achieving overall health, Jim Stefan is invested in staying physically fit and devotes much of his time encouraging others to take responsibility for their health. Jim Stefan believes that supporting kids in sports activities can greatly improve their confidence, as well as increase the likelihood that they will continue to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives as adults.

Football NSW is responsible for many aspects of youth football in the areas that it covers. Football players with NSW receive coaching and development guidance from highly committed and experienced sports experts.

Jim Stefan: Engaging with charities

Jim Stefan is a big believer in volunteerism and engaging with charities. As a highly successful professional in the Entertainment Industry, Jim Stefan leads a busy career yet still devotes much of his time and attention to organizations that are devoted to helping those in need.

Jim Stefan believes that there are opportunities for everyone to engage with good causes. Jim Stefan is a supporter of numerous charitable organizations, including the Lung Foundation of Australia, Breath Easy, and several other charity and non-profit groups.

Jim Stefan recommends that everyone do what they can to support causes that they believe in. He has found his support of causes that he is passionate about to be very rewarding.

If you’ve never contributed to a charity or cause before, you might consider doing so as a way of benefiting the mission of organizations that are working towards goals that you believe in. Jim Stefan recommends that when deciding what charity to support, it may be helpful to research the areas that you are passionate about through visiting the websites of particular charitable organizations as well as reference sites with broader information about the cause(s) that you may like to support.

Jim Stefan has found that connecting with charities and non-profit organizations can lead to better clarification about the respective group’s work in promoting their causes. By contacting a charity or non-profit organization directly, you may be able to find information that will help you determine the best ways that you can help the cause.

While financial donations are generally always welcome by charities and non-profit organizations, Jim Stefan wants you to know that in most cases, a charity has no shortage of available volunteer opportunities. Volunteering provides a way for people to contribute significant value to a charity or cause through their service.

Jim Stefan on the importance of philanthropy

Jim Stefan believes that philanthropy plays an integral role in our society. Philanthropy provides an enormous benefit to human kind, according to Jim Stefan.

Jim Stefan explains that everyone has the opportunity to be involved with philanthropy. Defined by Google as the ‘desire to promote the welfare of others. . .’, philanthropy is often achieved through the donation of financial assets to a wide range of causes. A dedicated philanthropist, Jim Stefan has benefited numerous charitable organizations and non-profit foundations, including The Lung Foundation of Australia, Breathe Easy, and many others.

Tips on being a philanthropist:

Below, Jim Stefan provides some tips on how you can integrate philanthropy into your life.

  • Find good causes. Understanding what causes you are passionate about is a the first step in effective philanthropy. Jim Stefan believes that in order make worthwhile and effective contributions to a charity or non-profit organization, you should first have an established passion about the cause(s) that a respective charity or non-profit company champions. There are a variety of types of causes that are in need of financial and other forms of support. Some of the causes that Jim Stefan has contributed to are focused on the causes of health research and helping those who have suffered from crime.

  • Make a commitment. Being invested in a cause means that you have a stake in its success. By dedicating yourself to the progress of a certain charitable cause, you will be part of the larger objective of bringing to life the mission of the particular cause that you are committed to. Whether it’s related to scientific research for the betterment of the planet, or for the assistance of people in need, there are many causes that are working hard to make an impact and would greatly appreciate your commitment.