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This Week...

  • Just a reminder this is Constitution Week! Please make sure you are checking your curriculum requirements for this week. We will recite the preamble during announcements Wednesday morning. Don't forget that Melanie has pulled several books about the Constitution - stop by the library and check them out!
  • Always love playing this oldie but goodie... (preamble school house rock)

    Brain pop also has some great videos - and we DO have BrainPop, BrainPop Jr. and BrainPop Espanol!!

  • Just a reminder that Dr. Troxell will be at Reed Tuesday from 8:30-9:15 (our scheduled time slot).
  • PLC Leaders, Carolyn, Susan and I will be at Region 13 training on Monday - y'all be good ;)
  • I have heard from a couple of people that earlier in the year they called the office with level 2 (need someone but not urgent) or 3 (urgent - need someone immediately) behavior calls and no one came. I know this is a new system - it is new for us too - so if you call and need someone and no one has come in a few minutes - please call again. We are working on systems to make sure every call is answered - but we want to make sure all are supported!!

Shout Outs...

  • Huge thank you to Nurse Michelle for taking such great care of my Lauren during an asthma episode. She saved us from an ER visit. Thanks for going the extra mile, we truly appreciate you. - Lisa S
  • A big thanks for Susan for coming and working with our DL students during writers workshop. You are awesome, Susan!!​ - Vani, Erika and Evelyn

  • Huge shout out to the amazing Kim G & Mindy J (and Mina and Yass) for all they have done to keep SLE running smoothly! Y'all have rocked!! I know you are very excited to have Richard back on Tuesday!! - Lisa

  • Thank you to Marla for asking all of us to join in the 200th anniversary singing of our National Anthem! What a beautiful sound it was to hear our collective voices singing proudly! - Paulette

  • A big thanks for Susan for coming and working with our DL students during writers workshop. You are awesome, Susan!!​ - Vani, Erika and Evelyn

  • Shout out to Janette for treating each child in 5th grade as her own! - Rachel

  • ​A Kinder kiddo ran up to me yesterday, he gave me a big hug and said, "Ms. G, thank you for teaching art!" He made me feel special. - Vidonni

  • Shout out to our PLC leaders who have done a great job so far of building our common understanding of the work to be done! Great leaders, leading great teams!! - Lisa

THIS WEEK - Sept 19-23

  • Day 20 of school!
  • PLC Leaders, Carolyn, Susan and Lisa at PLC Training at Region 13
  • Dual Language District Meeting


  • 7:20-9:00 - Kinder PLC
  • Dr. Troxell @ Reed 8:30-9:15
  • PTA Chipotle Night - support PTA - and eat great food!
  • Kinder/First Math Baseline Assessment window opens


  • 7:20-9:00 - 4th Grade PLC
  • 3rd Grade Science module assessment window opens
  • International Day of Peace
  • Faculty Meeting - 3:10


  • 7:20-9:00 - 2nd Grade PLC (Monday meeting not possible)
  • IC's at training retreat
  • 6:00 - WatchDog Dad's Kick-off
  • First day of Autumn


  • All 3 drills performed - 8:15 - see Christy for any questions
  • IC's at training retreat
  • Payday :)