I Survived

The Shark Attacks of 1916 author Lauren Tarshis by Mattie

Story Plot

Exposition:The story ''I survived the shark attacks of 1916'' takes place in Elm Hills, New Jersey during the hottest summer ever. The main characters are Chet , Sid, Monty, Dewey, Captain Wilson, and Uncle Jerry. Chet and his friends swim in Matawan Creek when a shark is attacking swimmers the off shore of New Jersey. Chet thinks the stories are fake because he lives far from the ocean. Everything changes when Chet comes face-to-face with a bloodthirsty shark in Matawan Creek.

Text Evidence Setting:''Elm Hills was miles and miles from the ocean.''p.2

Rising Action:Some swimmers off of the Jersey Shore are being attacked by a great white shark.

Text Evidence:"A shark attacked Charles Bruder, 28, while he was swimming alone in the ocean yesterday afternoon."p. 34

Climax: Something hit Chet when he was swimming alone in Matawan Creek. It was a shark coming right for Chet. The shark missed Chet, but his friends don't believe him and think it's a prank.

Text Evidence:" It was a shark, a massive shark -- dirty gray on the top and pure white underneath.p.57

Falling Action: Chet runs down to Captain Wilson to tell him that he saw a shark in Matawan Creek. The Captain told Chet that he needs to warn people. When Chet got back to the creek, he saw the shark swimming towards Sid.

Donoument: The shark bites Chet on the calf and he goes to the nearest hospital.

Text Evidence: It was during these efforts that the lad fell into the jaws of the monstrous shark.

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I Survived The Shark Attacks of 1916, is an example of man vs. nature. Chet was struggling to survive when he fell into the jaws of the shark while trying to save his friend Sid.


The theme of my book is trust in friendship. Chet's friends were angry with him for playing a prank on them but Sid, Dewey, and Monty pulled Chet out of the shark's jaws and saved Chet because he is their friend.

Character Analysis

The protagonist is Chet because he warned his friends that a shark was in Matawan and the antagonist is the shark because it was attacking swimmers in the ocean and in a creek.

Historical Time Period

This story takes place shortly before United States enters World War 1 in 1917. In 1916, the Boston Red Sox won the world series. Also in 1916, Presidential Woodrow Wilson was elected. By1916, 50% of people lived in urban areas ( Chet's parents moved around alot to find jobs).

Role Of The Historical Event Had On The Character

They had no T.V. or cell phones , only newspapers. This kept people from hearing news right way because newspapers travel very slow.