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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sign Up for this week's LUNCH & LEARN- FRIDAY (12/5) The Place You want to be to remain STRESS FREE!

Stress Free Your Day Away: Join Bobbi for a relaxation session where we will briefly explore ways to deal with stress and conclude with a guided imagery exercise that guarantees to relax you the rest of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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School Improvement Survey

Please help the School Improvement Team plan for upcoming faculty meetings and CSI's by completing the following survey.


It is imperative that you take accurate attendance in addition to looking at the attendance list when it goes out for confirmation or inconsistencies. We want to avoid communicating erroneous information to parents (which causes panic) or looking for students who were never in the building. Thank you so much!

Staff News - update

Amy Gothers, our KP school social worker, will be out on long-term medical leave. Anne Higgins will be here to assist Liz Anderson so case loads may have to be adjusted. Anne & Liz will communicate with teams regarding these changes.

Thank you for your patience.

Barnes & Noble Bookfair Is Just Around the Corner!

In your mailboxes are Thursday flyers for our KP Barnes & Noble Bookfair to be handed out tomorrow in MA. Extra vouchers are included.

Thanks everyone!