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Telling our Story

A Loud explosion is heard from the front of the plane Your concerns of safety have disappeared in this moment. Facing your doom right in the eyes is right where you would be if your plane didn’t have the PLANE POD. But let’s rewind the tape for a second, and you’ll probably ask “Who are you and what are you doing in my house?” and more importantly, “What is a Plane Pod?” Well don’t you worry about the first question, because we’re here to introduce the next step in emergency landing. Now when you’re in the event of a plane emergency you feel hopeless unless there’s an escape to safety, that’s where the Plane Pod saves the day. The Plane Pod is a chamber that houses an individual passenger within the aircraft. This chamber is released from the underside of the plane by the control of the captain, and it lands safely onto land or sea. Speaking of landing, whenever it is about to land on sea, the raft is activated underneath the pod to ensure it stays afloat. When it is about to land on terrain, a safety parachute is activated atop the pod thus granting a safe landing. Now enough about the pod on the outside, the insides ensure the safety of the passenger that’s still alive. The interior has the normal aircraft seat with it’s seatbelts and whatnot, but also a bulletproof glass window, emergency radio, parachute and raft controls, and a survival kit included. Now this sounds all safe and sound right? Well you got that right, the Plane Pod ensures safety in emergency landing and survival overall. We came to this invention from the ideas of plane disasters not ensuring all passengers surviving, but the Plane Pod will definitely enforce that promise. We’re working with our team and multiple blueprints, sketches, and features to contribute to this invention. Our budget currently is 101039 $ and we ask for your interest and support to bring this to life as more than just a safety resort, but a standard in our world of aircraft and safety. Now as I walk out of your room, I thank you for your cooperation and maybe you’ll be interested in our project. And if you’re not that interested, think about it twice the next time you get on a plane.



For this project we need money to reach our goal. To do this we need backers to pledge money. If our $500,000 isn’t met to reach our goal we could get a bank loan estimated to amount we need to reach it. Also we could contact airline companies that can be able to support of idea of the plane pod. Airline companies could be able to pitch in and help us with creating our project or actually building it. Airline companies can also be able to buy our plane pod in advanced before the project is done. To create this project it could be about 2 years.


  • We are giving rewards to people who support us in our project of Plane Pod because we want to acknowledge the support of all.
  • We also want to expand our image project through the items we are giving to people with the symbol of Plane Pod .

  • If you fund money to support our project you will get the rewards listed below

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Friday, April 29th, 9pm

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