Tsunami In Japan 2011

By: Rachel

Basic Facts about the Tsunami in Japan.

Both the Pacific plate and Eurasian plate are involved in the tsunami. The waves reached to 33 feet high. 15, 870 deaths during the whole Tsunami. A convergent boundary is what caused the horrible tsunami in 2011. In the last ten years Japan has had about 250 tsunamis. Some might be major other are minor.

Japan is 36 Degrees N and 138 Degrees E On March 11, 2011

A little about tsunamis:

Every year thousands of tsunamis happen. However most are tiny and reach up to about a millimeter, if even. Other tsunamis have a huge impact. They kill lots of people when they happen and they destroy lots of things. The tsunami in the Japan impacted many lives and destroyed many homes. Lots of people died and many were injured because of the 33 feet waves.