Obsessive Compulsion Disorder

David Mora and Caleb Webb

What is OCD

OCD is a disorder in which one feels the need to check things repeatedly or have thoughts of doing a routine or ritual over and over again. These upsetting thoughts are called obsessions. It is caused by it being in your family but it is not known why some don't get it. The symptoms include not controlling obsessions, repeating routines, and spending at least an hour a day on routines.
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OCD Statistics

  • Spends at least an hour on routines
  • Affects about 2.2 MILLION American adults
  • 1/3 of adults with OCD show signs as children
  • Strikes men and women equally
  • Starts during teen years
  • Most are diagnosed by age 19
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Places to get help with OCD

You can find help with the Anxiety and Depression Association of America for OCD among other disorders. Their address is 8701 Georgia Ave., Suite #412 Silver Spring, MD 20910. They can help you find a therapist for most, if not all, anxiety disorder including OCD. There website also explains facts for the disorders.
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