Hard Times on the Home Front

By Jessica Hernandez and Issy Droz

Life in the 1930's

Life in the 1930's was very difficult because of these main reasons:

  • Rationing

  • War bonds

  • The Red Cross

  • Victory gardens

  • Blackouts



During this time, people had to ration their food so they cold afford to live. People who couldn't afford much had to cut back on meat, sugar, coffee, canned foods, fuel, shoes, and consumer goods. As you can tell, not all of the things listed are food items. Many items like clothing and other goods also had to be rationed. These things had to be rationed so that people "had enough".
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War Bonds

War Bonds were first called Defense Bonds but after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that took place on December 7, 1941 they were called War Bonds. War Bonds helped collect money to support the war. Many people were asked to contribute to these bonds, giving the people less money to live off of.
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The Red Cross

Most women helped out with the war in any way they could. A lot of women volunteered with the Red Cross to help take care of America's wounded soldiers. This made life a little more challenging because women could not stay with their children or be at home.
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Victory Gardens

Victory gardens were little gardens that most families had that would provide more food for them. For farmers, this came naturally. For others, it was not always as easy. Families were encouraged to grow and preserve their own produce to save money. The reason that the victory gardens began was because there were shortages on labor and transportation all over the States. The government actually supported this, but at the end of the war, they stopped supporting them. More than 20 million victory gardens were planted.

Many people did say,

"A garden will make your rations go further"

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Blackout were where all exterior lighting had to be turned off and black out curtains had to be draped on the windows. One of the reasons these happened was to remind people that there was a war going on. Another reason these happened was so people could watch over cties from high towers and look out for any incoming enemy aircraft with no lights to blend in with the aircraft.
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What was one of the reasons that life was difficult during the war?

A. Not enough games to play

B. The skies were too blue

C. Rationing

D. Too many people

E. Men were not fighting in the war

Approximately how many victory gardens were planted during the war?

A. 15,000,000,000,000,000,000,001+

B. 20,000,000+

C. 2,000

D. 889,907,476,789,547


What was one of the reasons that life was difficult during the war?

The correct answer was C!

Approximately how many victory gardens were planted during the war?

The correct answer was B!