Third Grade News

November 13, 2014

Junior Achievement

Thank you so much to the parents who volunteered their time to teach our classes on Junior Achievement Day! The kids had a blast and learned so much from you. We appreciate all of the time and effort you put in to making the day so successful!

November Fun!

Fall Festival

Please join us at the Fall Festival on November 21st at 4:30-7:00. We will be running the Cupcake Walk, so please come join us. If you signed up to donate cupcakes, please have them to the school by Thursday the 20th. Mrs. Barakat will be in the Dunk Tank at 6:00 and Mrs. Gustafson will be there at 6:20. Come dunk your teachers!

KGA Thanksgiving Parade

The Thanksgiving Parade will take place on November 26th at 2:15. Our students will be showcasing their Greek Geo-cities as floats in the parade. Students will need to wear a toga for the parade. You can see how to do this on You Tube. The students will gather around 2 to line up for the parade. Please invite your family to share this amazing event with us!

Third Grade Olympics

Please join us for the Third Grade Olympics on December 4th from 9ish until about lunchtime. Students and parents are encouraged to wear their togas for the event. After we compete in some "Olympic Games," parents are invited to come back to the classroom to walk through our Greek museum. To wrap up the festivities, we will have lunch in our classrooms that day!
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