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New Olympic Event?

Some people believe that the Olympics need a new sport. One that allows women and men here in Athens to compete together. Many citizens believe that dancing would be a very competitive sport to add to the Olympics. Dancing will improve leg and arm muscles, as well as reflexes. These skills will allow for these athletes to be able to serve in the army or just haul supplies around town. That sure would make Zeus happy!

Sathens, reporter from the Greekly News.

Greek Of The Week!

This week’s Greek of the week is…..Pericles! Pericles is a man who loves to contribute to society. He takes part in many city-related activities, such as being a member of the aristocracy. He recently became the leader of this aristocracy, and I personally believe that he will bring great changes to our society. Speaking of changes, Pericles began allowing jurors to be paid a salary for working. Isn’t that generous? So, let’s all give Pericles a chance. He could turn out to be a great leader. So, do you want a chance to be next week’s greek of the week? To be “entered” into the choosing, do something generous for the city! That’s all for this week’s greek of the week.

Sathens, reporter from the Greekly News.

Recent Scientists

In the past few weeks, many new inventions and theories have been created. The creator of one of these theories is Aristarchus. He recently developed the theory that our planet, planet Earth, moves around the sun in a path called an orbit. He did this by using complicated mathematics. He sure is a smart guy. Our last scientist for this week is a person named Hippocrates. Hippocrates and his many followers recently proved his theory that illnesses come from natural causes. I always thought that they were punishments from the gods, but if a large group of people believe this theory, then i might as well believe it too.

Sathens, reporter from the Greekly News.

Greekly Gossip Corner

Rumors have been spreading around about our god Zeus. Citizens have been saying that Zeus has been purchasing his own lightning bolts! Zeus was supposedly seen at the local town market, purchasing special lightning bolts that he ordered! I don’t know who to believe here, because Zeus denies it. If it really is him, i am sure some citizens will turn against him. Another rumor going around is that Athena, the Goddess of war and wisdom, has been seen giving out energy drinks to the soldiers at war, giving one side of the army a better chance at winning over the other team. If this is true, Athena will be put into the prison that holds the abusive gods. That’s all for this week’s Greekly Gossip Corner.

Sathens, reporter from the Greekly News.

The Arts

Recently, many people here in town have been branching out to try different things, such as architecture and writing. The architects have begun building new temples, houses, and other buildings available to the public. I’m sure that these new buildings will benefit us later in time. The other topic today is writing. Writers have started writing tragedies and comedies. A tragedy is a play in which a character does not have a happy ending, A comedy is a humorous play. The writer named Sophocles writes tragedies, and the writer Aristophanes writes the comedies. I hope to be able to see one of these plays soon.

Sathens, reporter from the Greekly News.

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