News from Room 40

How is it already October?!

News at a Glance...

  • Friday, 10/6 will be an early dismissal day. Walkers/Parent pick-up will be dismissed at 11:57.
  • If you haven't sent headphones in with your child, please send in a pair to use for electronics.
  • For our weekly reward, we will be having "snack day" on Thursday 10/5. This is rescheduled from Friday, because as the kids pointed out, Friday is a half day and they feel they earned a full day.
  • I would like to have a Halloween party on Monday 10/31. If you would like to help with activities please email or class dojo message me (Thanks Mrs. Kishel for volunteering!)

What we're learning this week:

Journey's: The Power of WOW!

This cycle (until Tuesday), we are reading The Power of Wow:

Spelling: block, shown, oatmeal, wrote, fellow, scold, coast, odd, locate, slope, throat, host, online, shock, solve, known, remote, stock, boast, globe

Grammar: Fragments and run-on sentences

Vocab: assist, burglaries, innocent, scheme, regretfully, misjudged, suspect, favor, speculated, prior

Journey's: Stormalong

Next Cycle (Wednesday to Tuesday), we will be reading Stormalong, a Tall Tale

Spelling (homophones): wait, weight, heard, herd, days, daze, heel, heal, peak, peek, sent, cent, scent, feet, feat, vain, vane, vein, miner, minor

Grammar: Proper nouns

Vocab: seafaring, tidal, foaming, outcast, yearning, memorable, betrayed, condition, shortage, horrified

Math: Factors & Multiples

Last week we began learning about prime & composite numbers, factors (including greatest common factor and least common factors). We will continue this next week and also continue with multiples. This unit is very tricky for students who are not fluent with their multiplication and division math facts. Please continue to practice these with the flash cards that are sent home every week.

This week fluency quiz will include multiplication facts for 0-4 (on Tuesday). Next cycle will include facts for 0-5.

Here are some videos for review:

Rocks and Minerals

This week we've been studying Rocks and Minerals. We did a Mock Rock experiment to learn how rocks are made up of minerals, minerals cannot be broken down into smaller parts. We also did a scratch test experiment to figure out which mineral was which according to its hardness.

Help in the Classroom!!!

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October Party

If you would be interested in helping plan and/or be at our October party on Monday, October 31 from 2:15-3:15 please let me know!! (Thank you to Mrs. Kishel for volunteering)

This party would include fun activities for fall. Student are going to earn their party through good behavior and our tally system through the month of October.

Time for Kids and Super Science reading helpers!

If you would be interested in working with a small group of students implementing our new Super Science magazines or our Time for Kids magazines, please let me know a day that would work for you! I will be sending out an email sign-up as well.

These will take place on Day 3 from 12:20-2:00. Thank you!

ROAR Card Winners!

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Shoutout to Max, Naman and Nate who earned ROAR cards this week and had their names spoken on the morning announcements! Max and Nate earned a card for being a helping friend to other classmates and Naman earned a card for helping to clean up in Art. Way to go!

Class Pet!

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Meet our new class pet, Toby

Last week, our class voted to have a rabbit as a class pet. However, Mr. Zimmerman informed me of a bearded dragon that needed a new home. Therefore, I decide it would be a better act of citizenship to have the bearded dragon (Toby!) instead of a rabbit. He will be making his way to our classroom Friday. I will be letting the kids know about him this morning.