Lake Nimaya Emergency Center

Hiring full time nurses

Why is Nimaya a good place to work?

While the demands and stresses of hospital work are many, so are the rewards that come from helping people in need. "Hospital work is unique.. "Everything you do supports families and patients when they are at their most vulnerable. It really is a very special type of work." Hospital workers can also take pride in the fact that "hospitals are the backbones of communities, and what you do directly supports the community.We offer the top shifts that are reasonable for you. We will need to have meetings to see what you are interested in. We value your work and everything you do for patients and our community.

What will I be working with?

Nimaya emergency center hours and shifts

Monday- shifts begin at 7 am and switch at 8 pm

Tuesday-shifts begin at 7 am and switch at 8 pm

Wednesday- a whole new group will switch, same hours just different people.

Thursday- visiting hours 3-5:30 pm, Doctors will be on call

Friday- All doctors will be on call, but need to be there at 6:30 am TO CHECK IN, in case of big emergency

Saturday-new nurses will begin training in kid unit at 8 am - 6 pm

Sunday-shifts begin at 7 am and end at 9 pm

where are we located?

We are located in Little rock Arkansas, in the beautiful mountains