Your Needs Are Our Dreams!

See our new product, the Glass Technology Heat Food Desk!

What is it and how does it work?

Glass Technology Heat Food Desk, or the GTHFD! The GTHFD is a glass desk with a tablet and air holes. It also has a cup holder. The air holes are for releasing heat to the user if they are too cold. The cup holder is for holding water bottles and their contents securely in place. Finally, the tablet is for the children who can't see the board or forgot their lunch.

The heater is for the children and teenagers who often misjudge the weather. They would think it’s warm and then in the afternoon, it becomes much colder.

We have a lunch menu on the tablet because many children and teenagers often forget their lunch or lunch money at home, and their parents may be too busy to drop it off at the school office.

The cup holder is used to hold water bottles. If the water bottles are not secure in one place, then a passerby may accidentally knock over the bottle and spilling its contents on the work they have just done. Once spilled, there is no other choice but to rewrite it with what is left. Also it’s not just the water that comes flying. The water bottle itself will hit something or someone if knocked over with enough force.

Why did we create this?

We created the GTHFD to help children from ages 12 to 18. I wish that an invention like ours was on the shelves of the store. Using the tablet would help children and teenagers prevent tiredness. The child who can’t see would try to do so and become tired from the attempts. Also the child who can see but is accidentally preventing the first child from seeing has to crouch down a bit and that also becomes tiring. The cup holder is used to protect spills and ruined work. The heating is used to warm up the user and also it can help prevent hypothermia. during cold days

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