Ethylene Glycol

Also known as Antifreeze by Ryan Powers

Chemical Formula


Chemical Uses

1. It is used primarily in automobiles to lower the freezing point of the water in the cooling system.

2. It is also used in de-icing solutions for air crafts and boats.

3. As well as a raw material in the manufacture of polyester fibers in the fabric industry.

Physical Properties

1. Weight: 62.07 g/mol

2. Boiling Point: 197.4°C

3. Freezing Point: -11.2°C

Chemical Properties

1. Colorless

2. Odorless

3. 1 Covalent Bond

Fun Facts

1. When digested in the body, it forms crystals in the kidney and can affect kidney function.

2. Forms acidic chemicals in your body, which can affect nervous system, lungs, and heart.

3. Long term skin exposure can cause dermatitis.