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Remote Learning Update

Greetings Kindergarten Families! We hope this message finds all of you safe and well. We wanted to take a moment to update you on what is happening in kindergarten for the next few weeks. First, we want to begin with how much we miss interacting with our babies! That has been the hardest part of this remote learning model. It has been great to see them online but nothing beats those smiles in person! As you know, we will be in remote learning mode until May 22, 2020, when the school year is over. We will continue to provide online lessons, conferences and upload assignments throughout the next six weeks.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!

Online instruction will be provided from each classroom teacher through Zoom, Google Classroom, or Microsoft Teams. Each teacher will send invitations for sessions in reading and math every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00 am or 12:00 pm. The sessions will be recorded and posted in the event you are unable to attend. In addition, there will be other sessions offered for virtual field trips and for science and social studies. Be on the look out for your invite! If you would like an individual conference, please contact your teacher via email or Class Dojo to set up a time for a virtual meeting.


We have introduced all the math standards at this time. To ensure complete mastery of all the kindergarten standards, we will be re-visiting the prioritized standard(s) in each unit. Each week will feature a live review lesson provided by teachers on a prioritized standards. We will cover the domains as follows:

Week of April 20th - Geometry

Week of April 27th - Counting and Cardinality

Week of May 4th - Numbers and Operations in Base Ten

Week of May 11th - Measurement and Data

Week of May 18th - Operations and Algebraic Thinking

We will also continue to provide problem of the day each week. We hope you can tune in for one of our live sessions! If not, you will be able to access the recorded session for the information.

*All completed assignments should be uploaded into your student's Class Dojo Portfolio.


We have been very busy this year. Students have worked hard at mastering the reading and writing standards. What we would like to do for the remainder of the year is to provide activities that allow student to combine and practice using what they have learned. In phonics, we will continue to work with magic e, as well as review digraphs and blends. Students will use the skills they have acquired to read leveled text and passages and answer questions about what they have read. Students will practice retelling a story, identifying characters, the setting, and events of a story.

We have covered all the text types for writing. Students will continue to practice writing their opinions, creating narratives, and conveying information as we close out the year. It is very important that students are able to independently write 2-3 sentences as they enter first grade. This is a great time to practice and master the skills needed for first grade!

Science and Social Studies

Students have mastered many science standards this year. They have learned about motion, day and night, living and non-living things, animals and more. They are currently working on rocks, soil and water. This is the last science standard student will be required to master. We ask that students complete the weekly assignment in the remote learning plan to ensure that they master the subject matter. Teachers will also prepare a weekly lesson to teach remaining content.

In social studies, student learned about holidays, the people and events celebrated, U.S. symbols, community helpers, maps and globes, and rules. Our last unit is personal finance. We will be teaching students about U.S currency and the difference between goods and services. We will be providing activities and assignments over the remaining weeks to teach students the final social studies subject matter.

Grading for the remainder of the year

We know that many of you have questions regarding grading for this last quarter. Below, is a brief overview of the guidance we have received from the Fulton County School District on grading for the remainder of the year:

  • Students in kindergarten will receive 1 grade for reading and 1 grade for math each week for the remainder of the year.
  • Students will receive grades for reading and math work submitted beginning the week of March 30, 2020. (There will be no grades given for the work submitted prior to March 30th).
  • Participation in live sessions, recorded sessions, and/or phone conferences is counted as part of students' reading and math grades.
  • All students will receive a numerical grade for the assignments submitted through Class Dojo, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or email.
  • Students will receive a grade of (S)atisfactory (80-100), (N)eeds Improvement (70-79), or (I)ncomplete (no work attempted or submitted) for the quarter in reading or math.

Q & A

We have been picking up packets from the Fulton County distribution points. How do I upload work if my family does not have a computer?

You can take a picture of the completed work and upload to Class Dojo or email your classroom teacher. Please reach out to your child's teacher for additional information.

If grades are only being given in reading and math, why does my child need to complete work in other subject areas?

Although grades will only be given for reading in math, there are still other standards students need to master before moving on to first grade.

Can my child turn in missing assignments from the week of March 30th?

Yes, students have two weeks to make up missing work. If in doubt, check with your child's classroom teacher.

What do I do with all my child's completed work?

You can keep it all in a folder to create a portfolio of work for your student.

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