Pope Francis I

The Spiritual Leader of the Roman Catholic Church

Pope Francis

On March 13, 2013 the traditional white smoke announced the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic church. Pope Francis, formally the Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergogolia, is a great leader not only for the catholic church ,but everyone in the world in general. To me A leader is someone who is looked up to and is not afraid to help and guide people while staying true to themselves.The pope is a prime example of this. He displays compassion, patience, courage, common sense, initiative, honestly, wisdom, respect, and humbleness when serving his church.

How he got the name

Pope Francis was once asked why he chose the name 'Francis'. The papa ,as the pope means father in Latin, replied that he took his friends words to heart and choose Saint Francis of Assissi because of his words"the man of poverty, the man of peace, the man who loves and protects creation,” the same created world “with which we don’t have such a good relationship." Pope Francis shows honesty, wisdom, respect, and humbleness in the fact that he listen to his good friends words and the way he acts.

The Martyr, The Women, and The Appartment

On August 19, 2014 Catholic photographer James Foley was killed by Islamic state extremest for being a christian. Foley was one of the many martyrs killed for defending his faith of Christianity since the time that Jesus was said to walk the earth. Foleys death was made national news and eventually the pope found out. Pope Francis personally called the family of James Foley to pay respects and to comfort them with his death. Pope Francis showed respect and initiative to Foleys family by calling them to help with their death.

On March 28, 2013 Pope Francis shocked many Catholics by washing the feet of twelve young people in a Juvenile detention center outside of Rome. Out of the all the peoples' feet he washed two of them were women and two were Muslims. This shocked many because it's said in the church law that only men many involved on the foot washing on Holy Thursday. Pope Francis showed compassion to the people whose feet he washed, humbleness that he washed prisoners feet, and common sense that the world is changing and that women are now ,in most countries, equal to women when he washed the girls feet. The Pope shows those leadership qualities when he broke the rule and washed the prisoners feet.

Since the beginning when Pope Francis was chosen for Pope he has decided to forgo the traditional Papal Apartments in favor of the visitors house."He is experimenting with this type of living arrangement, which is simple, but allows him to live in community with others both the permanent residents-priests and bishops who work at the Vatican- as well as guests coming to the Vatican for meetings and conferences," says Father Lombard, a Vatican spokesman. Pope Francis shows leadership qualities by showing courage to say that he didn't want traditional apartments of the pope and wisdom by going to the visitors house to meet and talk to more people he wouldn't have the chance to do normally.