Biological Scientist

"Study loving things!" Jack DeNamur (hour:3)

Basic Information

  • Study living organisms
  • Work 40 hours a week
  • Employed in government agencies
  • Improve things
  • Will find good employment opportunities
  • $41,890 to $112,400 per year.
  • Associated with 2 associations
  • Study the relationship between animals and environment
  • Some hold positions at universities
  • Like knowing their work improves society
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Pros and Cons

Queens University of Charlotte:

Pros: It has the sports I want/ It's close to the city so I can visit Charlotte/Has the careers I want.

Cons: Need lots of degrees to get into the career/ $28,000 for out of state tuition/ $450 fees.

University of Madison Wisconisn:

Pros: Have the sports I want/Have dorms to stay in/Have the careers and classes I need.

Cons: Out of state is over 29,000 dollars/Campus is big to walk around/Need many degrees

University of Wisconisn-La Crosse:

Pros: Have the sports I want/Have things to around campus/Have dorms and small apartments

Cons: $16,910 For out of state/Lots of degrees/Use lots of technology

What do you need to succeed in this career?

You need a Doctoral degree specifically to succeed but you also need a few majors.

A few Collages I can attend to

3 Collages that stood out to me and I thought that would work for me and would help with my career.

-University of Madison Wisconsin/ Madison, WI 53706

-University of Wisconsin-La Crosse/ 1725 State St, La Crosse, WI 54601

-Queens University of Charlotte/ 1900 Selwyn Ave, Charolotte, NC 28207

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Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
To enable the right of all people to use and enjoy these resources at work/To work with people to understand each other's thoughts and to carry out the public will/And in this partnership consider the future. 608-266-2621Madison WI 53707-7921

Job opening

Biological Scientist - Studies living things and organisms along with how they react with each other

Located at testing labs, universities, and government agencies

Start learning at: Queens University of Charlotte

Need Doctoral Degree

$41,890 to $112,400 per year

Ascosiated with:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

American Society for Microbiology


This job opening is open for anyone willing to study living things. You need a Doctoral degree to be in the job. These can be located at just about every testing labs, universities, and government agencies. You will be payed $41,890 to $112,400 per year. So feel free to apply.


Biologist. N.d. Charlotte.

Queens University of Charlotte. 012. School, Charlotte.