Technology Of The Future

Article By Destiny Seluska

StoreDot Fast Charging Battery

StoreDot, a ground-breaking nanotechnology company, recently unveiled a prototype for a next-generation battery that harnesses all their knowledge of nanotechnology and energy storage technologies. StoreDot uses bio-organic "nanodots" that have increased electrode capacitance and electrolyte performance.

The science is a bit complex, but the outcome is simple: as a result of these nanodots, the battery can be fully charged in only 30 seconds.

The best thing is that, since StoreDot’s nanodots are bio-organic, they’re a lot more environmentally friendly, not to mention power-efficient, than a lot of other competing nanodot technologies which often use dangerous metals and chemicals. They’re also apparently cheap to manufacture, so who knows, we may be seeing super-fast batteries in our smartphones before too long.

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