The gold rush

by dylan glazier

gold is descovered

It says "In 1849, a man found a peice of gold in california." this quote explains that this is the beginning of the gold rush.

The miners looked like they had just came out of a coal factory, they all had hats and worked for 5 hours a day so they can find gold, but many walked away empty...

this is what the miners looked like:

a historical event.

in the "about the gold rush" article it says: "the gold rush is a remarkably international event" this quote explains how people from all around the world came to california to find gold.

gold is expensive...

In the article "the gold rush of 1849" it states "A total of $2 billion in gold was found in the gold rush." This quote explains how their is so much gold found in the gold rush that it was almost 2 billion dollars.
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the us starts taxing foreign miners to mine the gold in california.

in the article " california gold rush" it says that "a tax of $20 for any foreign miner to mine." This quote explains how the us was loosing a lot of money for free so they started taxing foreigners so they could get the money back that they just gave away.
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