Fantastic new self development and confidence building group

First Meeting on Wednesday 4th of February in Basildon !

Come along and join Inspiral and Claire Anstey on our new confidence building and self development group, "Operation Goddess" !

We meet twice a month, in a friendly and informal group, to learn how to stand tall, and take back your power !


Wednesday, Feb. 4th, 7-10pm

Toby Carvery Basildon, Basildon, United Kingdom

Operation Goddess with Claire Anstey

Claire Anstey invites you to her fortnightly workshop where you will discover her “Goddess Effect”

You know that there is powerful goddess within you, you know this, you can feel her but you been denying, ignoring and letting others hurt her.

Would you like to get the confidence to set her free and change your life?

It is time to play big and follow your heart.

Join Claire Anstey on the 1st and 3 rd Wednesday of each month as she teaches and shares with you how to create the goddess effect in your career, relationships, finances and more.

2015 is a brand new year and it is time to

Stop playing small

Stop doubting yourself

Stop ignoring your passions & purpose

Anstey is creating a safe space for emotional, spiritual and physical transformation. Each workshop will be unique, come to every class or drop in when you can.

Its time to stand in your power and feel like the beautifulgoddess you are.


Claire Anstey is a lifestyle broadcaster and creative entrepreneur specialising in self-empowerment & mind, body, spirit. She has written 2 books, has her own digital magazine, fashion label & publishing company “vintage wisdom media”.

She is an accomplished broadcaster, producer and teacher. Her audio programs have topped the charts on the worlds no 1 meditation app “Omvana” from Mindvalley and her self produced programs go live on Mindvalleys new USA TV channel in early 2015.

She embraces her feminine power; body and energy to stand her ground and create her “goddess effect”. She is now sharing this with you.


Don't allow yourself to impose limits !

It's time to set yourself free and be who you really are !

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