Breanna Flores

Where Chimpanzees Live

Chimpanzees live in Africa.

Chimpanzees live where there is rain forest, grass lands ,and wood lands.

people are destroying much of the chimpanzees HABITAT in Africa.

Chimpanzee Characteristics

Chimpanzee adults stand to about 4 (feet) 1.2 meters tall.

Chimpanzees can live up to 45 years in the wild.

They have long arms , legs, and hands so that means they

can pick things up and use them like people do.

They are black.

Their Food and What They Eat

They use tools to help them get food.

Chimpanzees eat fruit, nuts,seeds, and insects.

Chimpanzees use sticks to pull ants out of their nest.

They also use rocks as hammers to break open nutshells.

How They Bathe and What They Do

Chimpanzees bathe by licking ,scratching ,and

picking each other.

Chimpanzees like to swing from vines.

They communicate by screaming: OO OO AA AA.

They also communicate by different face structure.


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