Question 6

what I have used when creating my product

what i have used...

I have used a range of technologies, some examples include:
  • Adobe Phototshop CS6
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Prezi
  • Smore
  • Photobucket
  • Authorstream
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • Internet explorer
  • Canon Digital SLR camera


One of the processes I had to learn was Photoshop, this was necessary because I wanted to create a really high contrast black and white image. And I think the photography is one of the most important things to focus on when producing a magazine because that is what everyone looks at first.
Big image

What i did on photoshop

I liked this background and the idea of having a location photograph, so I did not cut the model out of the background however as you see below I just adjusted the colours. The first thing I did was put the image in black and white, I then changed the contrast and brightness as you can see below.
Big image


On of the most important process was InDesign this is the program which I put everything together and started to construct my final magazine ideas, it was great to be able to create something that was in your head and be able to see it come together in a professional looking magazine.
Big image

What i did on InDesign

I used InDesign to actually construct the magazine, InDesign is useful as it is easy to move thinks and it is useful because I was able to layers things on to of each other, this creates a really nice affect with a professional feel to it. After getting the feel of the program I think I was able to create a clean professional looking magazine.


Photoshop and InDesign were the most used programs but all so used some others like:

  • Prezi - Prezi was I really nice way to display a 'mind map' effect but on technology.

  • Smore - I found smore very easy to use and I think it was a good way to display my research and ideas in a professional way.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint - was a classical simple way to get my ideas across

  • Microsoft Word - was a just a program to get all of the information down with no difficulties

  • Internet explorer - is the source of all of the articles and information I gain, this helped me a lot because I was able to research and get cold hard facts with ease.

what i have learnt...

Overall I think by using many different types of technology it has expanded my knowledge and it has made my course work more unique. By using different technologies like InDesign and Photoshop it has made my music magazine look more professional and it helps it stand out.