Holocaust concentration camps

During world war two

Background Of Concentraton Camps

Most of you heard of these camps- Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dacha, and Treblinka, but What you don't know was that most of these camps had sub camps. Researchers say that there were about 20,000 camps in all. The first concentration camp was Dacha, it was built after Hitler came to power in 1933. There were three types of camps; transit labor camps and death camps. The people who were sent to these camps were Germany "undesired." These people included Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, pole and soviet prisoners of war, Jehovah witness and the disabled.

Transit camps

Examples of transit camps would be Drancy in France. These camps were used as a type of holding place before the Nazi placed the prisoners in their concentration camp.

Forced laor cmaps

The ghettos served as forced labor as well as the forced labor camps. The Nazi opened as many as 96 factories. Working in one could save the persons life, but the work was tempore because you were either shot or deported.

extermination camps

The extermination camps as you can imagine were camps where one was sent to die. Usually by being shot or gas chambers

Arriving at the camps

After arriving at the camps the men and women were separated from one another; children staying with their mothers. Then they were stripped of everything they owned, and had all their hair shaved off.