The Unwanteds

By: Lisa McMann retold by ARUN AMIN

Book Title

The book I have read and chosen for this project is The Unwanteds by: LISA McMANN.


This book takes place in the awful land of Quill and the magical land of Artime. Quill is a quiet dark grey kind of place were a high wall protects them from their enemies. They are dictated by the High priest Justine, were everything creativity is wrong and illegal. You are not allowed to think for your self or say anything bad about her. As for Quill its self, food and water are scarce and the only thing you can eat is old meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts or berries. All of Quills vehicles are rusted, old, and worn down. The only things that haven't completely collapsed are the busses that take the "unwanteds" to their death. Yes, death if you are caught being creative you are sent to you death on the day of the "Purge".


Now on the other hand Artime is a magical mansion and school resort. Artime has lush green forests and freshly cut green grass. Artime has a lake that circles around the mansion and marvelous creatures that can be funny or make you tremble in fear. They wont bite though. Artime is full of color and life. Artime's mansion resort has an infinite amount of space, so this means that there will always be space for everything while it takes no space because its an illusion. They also have a gate that protects them with an illusion. There is also Magical Warrior Training, this is were they train you to use your creativity to make magic. They are training for the sake of Artime that if they ever found they would have to protect them selves from the Quillitary (Quills Military).

Characters In Details

Let me tell you what you are all here for, the main idea. So, lets begin by telling you the story of Alex, Meghan, Lani, and Samheed. O.k, so, this story begins in the awful land of Quill, were creativity is a crime, and a the age of 13 there will be a ceremony called The Purge, deciding whether or not you are worhty to live. There are 3 sections you can be placed into, the first is The Wanted, who are most needed in the Quillitary (Quill's Military) . Then there is The Necessaries, who are the ones that are supposed to do all the hard work in Quill. And lastly there is The Unwanted, who are sent to their deaths. Unfortunately they were all caught with doing something illegal so they were selected as Unwanteds. As these four were riding to their deaths, they thought to themselves about their families being disappointed that they were not Necessaires or Wanteds. As they arrived to their deaths, they passed a gate that magically transported them to the marvelous world of Artime. There they met an old man waiting for them, his name was Mr. Today. He was the head magician and principle of the mansion/school. "Shall we begin" he said with a smile starting to form on his face.

Trouble In Paradise

Yet at last there is trouble in this paradise. Mr. Today is getting old and his magic barrier that protects all of Artime is starting to fade. Then one day his barrier disappears and now Quill is marching up to Artime to kill everyone there once and for all. Mr. Today tells everyone what has happened, and now everyone is suiting up to face Quill by all means necessary. They meet at the gates as soon as they see the Quillitary, prepared for what is about to happen.

Main Characters

Mr. Today the magical magician and teacher, High priest Justine, who is Mr. Todays twin sister, Simber the cheetah statue, Alex, who is Aaron's twin brother and art magician, Lani the under-aged Unwanted magician, Meghan the musician magician, Samheed the acting magician,


1. For me this was a great book, mostly because it looked cool, but also because I, myself love books with magic in them. This book also is about adventure, and passion of ones family. If you don't like these kinds of books, then you should just stop reading this article right now. If you too have passion, then check this book out before the end of your day.

2. I would also recommended that you all check it out because has a lot of things you all could relate to. Doesn't seem like it, but it does.

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