Exercise + Video Games = Exergaming

So You Think You Can Dance?

November you are encouraged to focus on DANCE!!! If want to discuss tying some of the dance into your Dance units or need any other resources, please let me know.

December get your students sweating with a variety of FITNESS FUN exercise Apps.


Get your students moving with Zumba Dance a motion controlled exergaming app bound to engage those of all ages. Simply place your iPad on a stable surface and your ready to go. In a classroom context this app works perfectly when connected to a projector or Apple TV enabling you to share the activity with all. Have one student control the game while the rest follow the actions of the instructor on the screen. Swap over week to week or at designated points throughout the activity.

Zumba Dance App

Los Angeles Zumba® Flashmob Choreography


Just Dance is a great way to get your whole class moving! Use videos from Youtube of the game examples and the students can dance along to their favourite songs. There is a wide variety of genres that cater to a variety of ages so they are great for all grades.

[Just Dance 4] Rock N' Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain) - Skrillex


The 7-minute workout has been a proven success when I have used it this year, and a number of classes have been using it in the classroom too. You can use it as a video from your computer or download it for free or paid app on your iPad.

7 Minute Workout App

7-Minute Workout


Classworkout.com is a website dedicated to providing quality daily physical activities for Primary School students. The website includes a series of stimulating videos to play on class interactive whiteboards. The videos encourage class participation and eliminate many of the barriers to exercise, including poor weather, lack of suitable exercise space and teacher confidence.

Get Active
Classworkout 2


With this exciting and FREE app your mission is simple. Move as fast as you can whilst running on the spot to move your on screen car through the time trial. A slight tilt of the body left and right allows you to turn. Great for the classroom and creating a little friendly competition!

Fit Freeway App

Workout Trainer

An awesome app that puts a personal trainer in your pocket. Contains 1000s of individualised training programs based on your level.

Workout Trainer App

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