Knightly News: EXCEL

Week of May 16th

Finish Strong!-


As we work to finish strop we have been doing an EOG BOOT CAMP each morning to give students a little extra to do their best. We are covering standards that are tested heavily that may have been a struggle throughout the year. We are also reviewing Online testing tools and strategies so they can EXCEL. To add a little more competitiveness to our running scores we will finish this week of Boot camp strong with TEST TAKING Dress themes. We encourage all students to participate and earn points for their homeroom. Please take note of the daily theme and how they coordinate with TEST taking. School appropriate is still the guidelines each day.


MONDAY: BRIGHT COLORS/NEON DAY---Highlight text to make important pieces stand out, annotate your thoughts about the text, underline key words...

TUESDAY: THROWBACK DAY--(90'S, 80'S, 70'S, 60'S, etc)--throw out wrong answers, eliminate answers that are obviously wrong, partly correct or correct but don't answer the question

WEDNESDAY: HOODIE DAY--Just as a hoodie is comfy--students should become comfortable with the online test tools explored in the tutorial. Use them to EXCEl.

THURSDAY: BLACK OUT--Dont leave it blank, black out an answer choice for EVERY question. A random guess gives you a 25% chance of getting the right answer, an educated guess you chance of answering correctly up to 75%. It is important to answer every question even if

you are not sure of the answer.

FRIDAY: CELEBRITY LOOK ALIKE DAY- TikTok mind the clock--Pace yourself--Use your time wisely. Don’t spend too much time on any one question. Use all of your time! There are no extra points for finishing early. Save time at the end to review your test and make sure you

haven't left out any answers. Answer the easiest questions first, but be sure to go

back to those questions you skipped.

Reminders: It's now May and testing season and warmer weather are both coming in.

We need your help in the following ways:

  • Have your child in attendance each day on time unless they are sick
  • Ensure they are following dress code (see reminders below)
  • Ensure they are prepared with charged chrome book, paper, pencils, assignments
  • Ensure they are bringing a positive attitude and ready to learn
  • Ensure cell phones and Air Pods are out of sight, silenced, and out of mind, except for instructional use under the direction of a teacher during the instructional day. If a teacher is utilizing cell phones as part of their lesson outside of the classroom, students should have a pass indicating that cell phone use is allowed during that time. Students should not be on their cell phones or have headphones/AirPods out between 8:00 and 3:45 or transitions as it will be subject to confiscation.

Dress Code reminders: Please review with your child

  • no shorts/skirts above finger tip lenght with an outstretched arm
  • NO biker, spandex style shorts
  • Leggings, tights must have a shirt that extends over child's bottom
  • no pants that have holes that expose bear skin above the knee
  • no hats of any kind during the school day
  • no sunglasses
  • no crop tops, spaghetti straps, shirts showing midriff
  • no undergarments showing anywhere
  • shoes must have back straps and in position around the foot (which means no slides, no crocs in sport mode, no flip flops)

See student handbook for other items that are not listed above. When in doubt ask before wearing or Don't wear.

2022 BOND Information: SGMS can benefit from the BOND!

Do you know what the school bond will do for GCS?

Do you know what the school bond will do for SGMS?

Do you know how to explain the bond and 1/2 cent tax?

Need more info look at

Early voting has ended but you have one more chance May 17th! Make your vote count.


The federal waivers that allowed all schools to serve free breakfast and lunch to all students are ending this summer. To ensure that students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals are able to receive those meals on the first day of school, we are asking parents to fill out the application at This will establish a family’s qualifications for meal discounts for the first 30 days of the 2022-23 school year. We will also have paper copies for you to complete at our family night to take care of ASAP.

A new application must be completed after July 1 for the remainder of the school year. One application per family is required so please put all students from your household on same application even if they are at Elementary, Middle or High school.

Vaping Epidemic! Please take note:

The vaping epidemic continues to affect our students and our schools. The latest national statistics (2021 - NYTS) 11.3% of high school students and 2.8% of middle school students vape.

The GCS Nicotine Vaping Prevention Toolkit was adapted with permission from the Tobacco Control Branch of NCDHHS. It contains resources for families, and cessations programs to share with youth who want to quit. See attachment below for resources at your fingertips.

Attendance Matters--Compulsory Attendance Law in North Carolina states that all children AGES 7-16 must attend school

Please note that if your student is out of school you must submit a note upon return. Absences are excused for sickness, doctor appointments or educationally related absences.

Our School Social Worker will be following up on all Tier 2 and 3 attendance please ensure your child is at school when they are well.

Last quarter: Pope, Brown, Kane and Groff had the highest % of attendance for their homerooms at 94% or higher. Who will have the highest % for Quarter 3, announced this week?

Athletic Information

Southern Guilford HighSchool-- Wrestling and Soccer Interest meeting-

Wednesday 5/18 at 3 pm in the pit

Southern Guilford Middle School--2022-2023 Cheerleading tryouts-Week of May 23rd

Yearbooks can now be ordered!!

You can now purchase yearbooks for this school year! Yearbooks are $20. Students can see Mrs. Yakout or you can order online with this website:

Calendar info: Subject to change but will give you an idea of things to come

May 16th-20th: EOG Boot Camp Theme Adventure--Spirit Week style additions to Boot camp--noted above

May 18th-Computers no longer go home to be ready for testing online

May 20th-June 3rd EOG Testing Window

May 24th: Rdg EOG Grades 7 AND 8

May 25th: Rdg EOG Grade 6 and EOG makeup's Grade 7 and 8

May 26th: Math EOG Grades 7 and 8 and 8th grade Math 1 EOG

May 27th: Math EOG Grade 6 EOG makeup's Grade7 and 8

May 31st: Science EOG-8th grade and 7th grade Math 1 EOG

June 1st: All grades EOY fun activities-stay tuned from your gradelevel for what and when; 6th and 7th grade EOY awards (12:15-7th; 2:00-6th)-parents may atten

June 2nd: 8th grade Celebration of Excellence-two tickets per family for attendance in gymnasium, overflow with streaming in Multi-purpose room and virtual option-link to come

and 8th grade Dance 6 pm-8pm-info sent home with students

June 3rd: Last day of school



Our administrative team is available to assist with any and all SGMS questions or concerns. You may reach us at 336-674-4266 or by email. We love your partnership please reach out if you have suggestions or shout outs for our amazing staff.

Tracy Roof, (students with last names P-Z)

Lorie Rainey, Assistant (students with last names G-O)

James Moore, Assistant (students with last names A-F)