Bottled up

By: Jaye Murray

Main conflict

The main conflict in this is a bunch of things, but the biggest one is his family. His father takes most part in it because of all the drinking his father does which gets him easily mad. He is nice sometimes and then when something ticks him off on multiple occasions.

Character to real life relation

I don't really connect to any characters because i have no similar cases to anyone. I don't smoke, nor drink but I am lazy. Usually I have book I do not relate to so sorry. But I feel I somewhat relate a tiny bit to pip because I like to stick up to family if anyone is yelling at them.

5 questions I have for the author.

What intentions are you trying to explain.

What was you motivation to write this book.

Has it changed your life.

Is the main character pip based off anyone you know.

is this all fake.

My recomendation

I would recomend this book. Once you look at it you cannot stop reading. It's a quick read that you will be hooked. The beginning kind of slow but it will get better.promise. I liked it and it is rare for me to like a book so you will too. The best way to read this book is when you have a lot of time.
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“She’s really not my kind of girl — most of them have tattoos or nose rings — but there’s something about her smile. She smiles like she’s in love with whoever she’s looking at.

What it's saying basically is that he doesn't just care about drugs. He like people but just doesn't know how to show it. I like this quote because he is a lazy bum who actually has heart. This book is basically about how he will become better. Just eventually though.