Summary for Chapter 3 by Darla Wilson

Chapter 3 Customization Building the Right Playlist for Each Student

Technology enhances ways to reach student - art of differentiation - reaching the student where they are individually. Smart profiles will allow systems to gather information about the students, to determine learning levels, interests, best learning practice and portfolios to help determine the best approach for the student. Teachers will be able to draw on instructional technology to make each student a self-directed learner, to leverage strengths and interests and to address specific needs. The development of platform software that is motivating which improves learning will engage the next generation of learners. Students will be able to get direct and instant feedback as the do through the games they play each day.

Your Thoughts:

How do you think this will help you in the classroom? Are there any positive or negative long term effects of this process? How could you overcome the negative?

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