Come to Katastic!

The best place for your cat to sleep when you're on holiday!

Look!We've made an acrostic poem just for you!

Cats are so cute and cuddly

Also you will get a cute,cat toy for free

Three hours for free

Purring cats are everywhere in the store

Unable for cats to fight

Right for your cats

Raining tuna for your cats

Awesome deals

Dog-free place

In stock for only $10 per hour

Stores are big enough for the cats to roam around

Everyone wants to drop there cats off so be quick

Come to our shop!

It is a 5 star hotel for your cat!

Would you leave your cat in your house starving to death?

Well you must leave your cat here.We won't treat it badly,we won't let them fight.They will relax like you,on your holiday.


$10 per hour

$30 per day

$40 per week

$55 per fortnight

Remember 3 hours for free

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