The Ice King

By Izabella Melville


The Ice King is one of the characters from the popular T.V series Adventure Time.The Ice King formally known as Simon Petrikov, is a person that is controlled by the crown he wears on his head. The crown controls the ice king in the way he acts, how he talks and how he lives. The ice king is an insane lonely man. Most people from the land of Ooo don't like the ice king because he can become creepy and insane at times. The ice king kidnaps princesses so he can marry them. Even though the ice king seems insane at times he is a lonely person which is secretly envious of Finn and Jakes friendship.
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The Ice King's personality is insane and lonely at the same time. The Ice King is an angry person who doesn't know how to control his emotions. In the episode, I Remember You, the Ice King shows many different personality traits. He shows happiness, sadness and depressed. He is happy because he wants to make a song to entice the princesses from the land of Ooo to marry him. He thinks by making a song he can make the princesses marry him. The Ice King goes to Marceline to help him make a song. When the Ice King visits Marceline, she gets upset because the Ice King doesn't remember the past. Marceline tries to explain the past to the Ice King, but he doesn't remember. The Ice King is also sad that he doesn't remember what he did for Marceline when she was a little vampire.
I Remember You - Adventure Time Music Video (Simon & Marcy)

Behaviour/ Motivations

The Ice Kings behaviour changes in every episode he stars in. In the episode loyalty to the king the Ice Kings behaviour and motivations change. The Ice King's behaviour in Loyalty To The King is that he is a romantic with nobody to love. He is fed up with being the person nobody loves so he shaves his beard. In my opinion the Ice King's motivations for his behaviour are the princesses. The Ice King revolves his life around the princesses of the land of Ooo. The Ice King's behaviour is interesting because in episodes when he is acting weird you understand why. This is because in the episode his backstory explains why he acts the why he acts. In my opinion his behaviour could have been prevented if he didn't start to put the crown on.

Backstory/ Motivations

The Ice King has a very interesting backstory. The Ice King's backstory pretty much starts when he puts on the crown. It is weird to say that the Ice Kings backstory starts when he puts on the crown but it is true. He doesn't remember anything because of the crown. In the episode I Remember You, Marceline remembers the past but the Ice King doesn't. The backstory of the Ice King is that he was engaged to a lovely girl called Betty Grof. He purchases a gold crown with Ruby stones in it from a old dock worker. When the Ice King places the crown on his head he see visions and blacks out. When the crown is taken off he doesn't remember anything that has just happened when he had it on. When the Ice King started to wear the crown he found a little girl after a bomb went off. The little girl he found was Marceline as a little vampire girl. The Ice King doesn't remember anything from his past, so when he was sane, he wrote everything down in a diary. The Ice King keeps the diary in a room called the past room in his ice kingdom.


In conclusion the Ice King is a very interesting character in Adventure Time. The Ice King has a very interesting backstory because when he started to wear the crown he found a little girl vampire called Marcy. Later on you find out that the little girl is Marceline. In my opinion I believe the Ice King is one of the most important people in Adventure Time. If the Ice King wasn't in Adventure Time there wouldn't be a 'crime' storyline. The Ice King is a fun, loving, romantic and insane person. He is a person that makes adventure time complete.