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Prison Reform summary

The Prison reform was a movement started by Dorothea Dix in the 1800's. This reform for people who were put in penitentiaries, which was a solitary confinement to force people to reflect on their sins and repent.

Societal problems

  • High rates of prisoner suicides
  • Women are put alongside males and mentally ill


  • Begin a national movement to establish state asylums for the mentally ill
  • Promote states to improve their prisons and hospitals

Stragies for our reform!

  • We will gather together on Dec. 12 at 1:00p.m to discuss our plan.
  • We will visit state penitentiaries, county jails, almshouses and public hospitals to report any cruelty

Early sucess of Prison reform

  • It was not until the late 1800s that American jails began to establish separate facilities for women. The idea of separating the men and women worked in favor of both genders.
  • Since 1870 prison classes have been an entrenched part of the prison experience. This gives the prisoners another activity to do other than working all day long.

You can be a part too!

Help gather money for :

  • Better prisons
  • Hospitals
  • asylums

By helping you can also improve the health of the ones put into these places! Spread the word and gather money

PEOPLE WHO DONATE A LOT OF MONEY: Will be provided with a small piece of land.

PEOPLE WHO DONATE A SMALL AMOUNT: Will be provided with allowing visitations to the prisons or hospitals.

Spread the word!

  • With modern technology such as central heating, flush toilets in each cell and showers will be provided.
  • Also individual exercise yards and small workplaces where prisoners could learn vocational skills.

No Help!

Without your help, there will continue to be a very high death rate along the years.
1800s Prison Reform in the US - Tanner & Kunaal