Ann Summers Party Confirmation


Thank you so much for agreeing to host your own Ann Summers Party! We are going to have tons of fun. Ann Summers Parties are very easy to host so don’t get stressed out or feel like you have to make lots of special plans or goodies for your party. Your job as hostess is simple – tell everyone you know about your Ann Summers Party, invite them to get together at your house for a Girls Night in then sit back and enjoy our latest collection of stunning lingerie, fashion and sex toys from our hottest Catalogue ever!

I will arrive about 15 minutes before your party to set up and help you greet your guests as they arrive. Please don’t panic about numbers usually about 1/3 of those invited will attend, so invite away! Anything from 4 upwards is perfect!

As a Hostess you get 10% of all sales to spend in the catalogue so the more orders you collect before and during the party the higher amount you will have to spend in the catalogue plus a free hostess gift providing you have sales of £150+ and 2 people booking parties into the next 6 weeks.

So ask your friends and family who would be interested in holding a party to ensure you have your 2 bookings for your free gift.

Guests that cannot come to your party can order, be sure to give them a catalogue or refer them to the online catalogue link

I will do everything I can to ensure your guests have fun and you earn lots of free Products! I will contact you about a week before your party to see how things are going and then again 2 days prior to get your guest count and directions. Should you need anything before I contact you, please do not hesitate to call me anytime!

Look forward to seeing you soon, Emma x

All Parties are now ‘Payment on the Night’. Please could you inform all guests that they will need to pay for their order by either cash or credit/debit card.

Emma Simmons Party Ambassador 07972203117