V vs Ashantee Speech


V for Vendetta uses multiple words that all start with an V, but see I'm Ashantee and my words wil start with an A.

Goodmorning fellow readers,

majority of you might find my post to be intresting or you might find iit very annoying. Im not here to atuntive. The world we live in today has very little ambition but has very high aspescts of what life should be. You can be anonymous to the government but little do you know every once in a while they are spying on you. I believe that everyone has the right to know what is actually going on while the government. But majority of the things have been abolished from the world. Your life is lie and youve been living a lie. The world is made to seem like a bad place but little do you know the world is living a better life instead of living the life of a govern society. You have a curfew and you cant learn from you own mistakes if you cant abide the government. This time next year we the people with ajern the government and show them that we deserve more then what we've been giving.