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Dear Fatima Families, SMMM Parish Family, and Future Fatima Families:

Summer is usually a time to slow-down and catch our breath, but at Fatima, the fun never stops! This summer we have been working hard to work on campus improvements for next year, including increasing our enrollment, working on our curriculum, increase our library circulation, and so much more!

Several projects we are HOPING to get done before school starts is painting the lockers, bathrooms, and classroom doors; weeding out and improving our library circulation selection with the over 300 NEW books we received from a grant from the Fatima Education Foundation, and cleaning out and decluttering years of stuff in our garages and other storage areas! We work hard to keep our campus clean, up-to-date, and ready for YOU and YOUR CHILD!

Our enrollment is growing! We are already at over 50 kids, and with our 4th of July and Christmas in July Specials, as well as our Current Family Refer-A-Friend incentive, we hope to be at 75 or more by the time school starts! SPREAD THE WORD! FATIMA IS THE BEST THERE IS AND WE WANT TO WELCOME ALL TO OUR CAMPUS!

Just a few of the things we have worked HARD to do for our families the last year:

1. BRAND NEW curriculum at ALL GRADE LEVELS and in ALL SUBJECT AREAS! Our curriculum has had a COMPLETE overhaul in the last year! All of our curriculum is now TEKS and ARCHDIOCESAN aligned! Our families get a private and public school education ALL IN ONE!

2. One-to-one iPads and/or laptops in almost all grade levels! Starting with 8th grade and working down, we provide new technology to all grades that are checked out for the year so that, even if we have to remote learn for ANY reason, our students can continue learning!

3. All our teachers and staff are working on being FULLY catechist certified! This ensures our staff is 100% providing religious and academic education for YOUR CHILD! Our goal at Fatima is to create strong, intelligent Disciples of Christ! We do this through our Christ-centered curriculum and strong academic curriculum!

We are blessed with amazing, supportive families! Our parish family at SMMM is the absolute best too! We are blessed and thankful!

Have a blessed summer!

Upcoming Events

July 28th - Uniform Pop-Up Shop 6:00 -7:00 PM

Aug 10th - Uniform Pop-Up Shop 5:30-7:00 PM

Aug 12th - FIRST DAY of School!

4th of July Enrollment Special


June 28-July 5th we are offering our 4th of July Enrollment Special to all families! Take advantage of this special by starting your enrollment process NOW!

4th of July Special: $704 off TOTAL tuition and enrollment fees (7/04)

Families MUST be FULLY enrolled by MIDNIGHT on July 5th to be eligible for this incentive! Email our registrar, Sarah Zarazua, for more information: szarazua@fatimatc.org

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Refer a Friend Enrollment Special

We are offering an AMAZING Refer-A-Friend Incentive for the 2021-2022 School Year! Families who refer a friend to enroll can be eligible for $100 or more off their FINAL payment of the 2021-2022 school year.

NEW FAMILIES that enroll MUST indicate the family that is enrolling them either on their Renweb form or in an email to Ms. Sarah: szarazua@fatimatc.org. We must have written documentation AT THE TIME OF ENROLLMENT, not at the end of next school year.

New families MUST be fully enrolled by August1 in order to receive this incentive, and BOTH families must stayed enrolled the entire school year.

The $100 credit will be applied to the FINAL monthly payment in May. If two payments a month are made, the $100 credit will be split into $50 increments.

A CURRENT FAMILY can REFER UP to THREE NEW FAMILIES for a total of $300 off their final payment in May! IF the family owes less than $300, they will be given a credit on their account.

Spread the word! FATIMA IS READY TO GROW! This pandemic has hit us hard, and we went from over 100 students enrolled to a little less than 50! We have ALL NEW curriculum, strong staff, and we are ready to step into a new school year creating better and stronger scholars than ever!

Donations Needed!

Our Lady of Fatima is in need of the following donations to help us work on some campus renovations this summer:

1. Lowes or Home Depot Gift cards to purchase paint and painting supplies for our lockers!

2. Lysol spray- any size or scent

3. Gray rugs- any size (clean and good condition please)

4. Throw pillows- any size or color as they will be covered

5. Bean bag or plush chairs for classrooms and the library for reading centers

6. Planters boxes or tables for our greenhouse

We are working on painting the lockers and the bathrooms this summer, and hope to have it done before school starts. We are also working on setting up literacy reading centers with books and reading chairs in all classrooms. Any donations to help with our campus improvements projects would be an AMAZING BLESSING! You can drop off all donations at the school or parish!


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O'Connell Volleyball Camp

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