The Marketing Mix



The new video game you are thinking about making needs a few marketing guidelines. Mainly, kids and teens are into the huge game craze, worrying about when the new call of duty will come out. To seem appealing to the kids, the game shouldn't be about politics or shopping for groceries. The game should be either a platformer, adventure,action type game with a good story to catch a kid like a good book.


Where to sell the game shouldn't be in a grocery store or a furnishing store. Games belong in places such as Walmart,game stop, or any other place where adult should go to in order to find gifts. The consumer would most likely be a parent, so try to trigger places where a parent would go to get their child gifts,maybe for Christmas or their birthday.


The game should be in a reasonable price, not an overpriced piece of garbage. Due to our ,soon, new release, maybe it should be priced around fifty dollars. If it were too much,parents wouldn't try to buy it sense it's too expensive. If the game were too little, there would be a harder way to pay the employees and we'd be bankrupt.


Parents would have a huge time, going to work in their vehicles. Kids would be home, watching their little TV's and what not. Maybe the advertisements should be centered around radio and tv. The kids would see the commercials and beg their parents to get the game for them. The parents would listen to the radio and they'd be reminded of the game, thinking "maybe I should get that for him/her."