Alka-seltzer Change!

By: Nyah, Halie, Zaryah


When a substance and another substance mixes together it's called a solution. In our experiment, we used alka-seltzer and different temperature'd water. A substance that dissolves with or in the other substance is the solvent. Our solvent was the alka-seltzer dissolving in the water. Solubility is the highest amount of the solute that can dissolve in a given amount of time or temperature.

Experimental Design

Hypothesis- We think alka-seltzer will dissolve faster in hot water

Variables- Independent variable; the temperature of the water

Dependent variable; the dissolving rate

Constant; alka-seltzer (amount), amount of water

Materials- Alka-seltzer, cups, water, measuring cup, thermometer

Procedures- First: test the alka-seltzer in cold water

Second: Test the alka-seltzer in room temperature water

Third; Test the alka-seltzer in hot water

How we will organize our data? We will use a chart for our information, and a stopwatch

Questions? Which type of water will the alka-seltzer dissolve quicker in?

Data Analysis

  • cold water- time; 1:17:53 description; very foggy temperature; 54.3°f

  • room temperature- 58.30 description; bubbly, but kind of clear temperature; 75.7°f

  • hot water- 32.63 description; very bubbly/clear temperature; 132°f


Our hypothesis was true. As we constructed our experiment, the alka-seltzer dissolved faster in hot water than colder water. It also showed how transparent the water was once we had finished.