Early Childhood Curriculum Update

September 2016

Mott Class - Preschool

The Mott class has gotten off to a great start. During the first week of school, we went on a scavenger hunt to help us learn some school routines like where to walk in the hallway, where to line up at recess time and where to go for Specials. We have been to music, library, Spanish and even Meeting for Announcements. We even had two Mott friends who were brave enough to make announcements during Meeting!

Using the Responsive Classroom model, each morning begins with a special circle routine. One of the routines in the circle is greeting each other. This month, each child hid under a blanket and we had to guess who was under it. The next part of circle is the group activity. We have been playing some running games such as move like a pet (jump like a frog, swim like a fish) or Feed the Fish (run across the room with a ball and place in a small bowl.) Sometimes a turtle comes and eats the food, dumping it on the floor and we need to race to clean up the mess. After our group activity, we read our Morning Message which tells us important information such as who is the line leader and what Special we have that day. We usually have a question to answer. The Mott Class is quickly learning how to write a response to this question. Sharing is an important part of our circle and this will be introduced next month.

We have been reading a lot of books including Franklin Wants a Pet and The Pets You Get. Our new classroom goldfish is named “Goldie” after the fish in Franklin Wants a Pet. Our books have helped us to introduce rhyming words and syllable counting. We even had time to introduce Mat Man. Mat Man introduces children to all the shapes needed to form all alphabet letters.

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We have been painting, beading, gluing, and using scissors during art projects. We also played with shaving cream, combined colored water with turkey basters and created with play dough. The group has also been sorting toys and manipulatives, building with table blocks, and trying to guess a shape hidden in a bag!

Every day, we have been playing with our new Mott class friends. During this play, we reinforce sharing and playing with others. We practice cleaning up after ourselves and how to put all the materials on the shelves in the correct way. We also have learned how to use the outdoor equipment and toys. It has been a busy month in the Mott room.

Hicks Class - Preschool

The Hicks class is settling into a new year; learning new routines and making new friends. We have started studying types of farms, farmers, and animals.

The sensory table has turned into a pig pen! The children decided that they needed to make a bin of mud for the animals. They added a LOT of water to some dirt and stirred it around before adding the pigs and other creatures they thought would enjoy the mud.

Each Tuesday, the Hicks and Mott classes enjoy yoga in the Big Room. They are learning different poses as they act out a story as it is being told. It has been such a fun way to learn to breathe and focus.

The inventors’ table has opened. The children gathered leaves and added them to the inventors’ table so they could create their own works of art. Many different materials are available for them to use as they tape, glue, and connect new creations together.

The Hicks class has started cooking and eating many different delicious foods. They made their own butter by shaking heavy cream in a jar before spreading it on their homemade honey corn muffins. The story Little Red Hen inspired us to make strawberry shortcakes too!

We’ve had a great time playing in the sand box as the warm days allow us to turn on the hose and make large sand structures together! We are looking forward to October when we plan on visiting different farms and learning more about how they work.

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Rustin Class - Kindergarten

September was filled with learning many new things. We made new friends, learned new routines, met new teachers and played new games. Most importantly, I focused on helping children feel safe and comfortable separating and transitioning from one activity to another. We learned how to work and play in all of the areas of the room and how to use a variety of tools such as hole punchers, staplers, tape, pencils, glue and paint. Please ask your child to share some of the new songs and poems they learned in class. So far our favorite books are the Froggy series written by Jonathon London and Every Little Thing based on Bob Marley’s song Three Little Birds.

New Songs and Poems

Good Morning Dear Earth

Here is an Apple Tree

Squirrel Nutkin

The name telephone song