Video Game Designer

By: Sarena Robinson

What They Do

Video game designing refers to editing and creating video games. Video game designers tend to work in teams to create games or software for computers or other gaming consoles. Video game designers also write the blueprints of games, creating the theme mission and rules of play.

Working Condiitons

They have a high level of social interaction, while working with other game designers throughout the day. They also work indoors all day, and working more than 40 hours each week is common.

Recommended Core Classes and Electives

All math classes would help with this career, especially Algebra. Graphic design and computer programming would be great electives.

Preparation or Training Needed

You need a high school diploma or equivalent, and have working experience in a related occupation.

Important Skills and Abilities

  • Communication
  • Reason and Problem Solve
  • Work with People
  • Work with Things
  • Perceive and Visualize

Yearly Wages

Someone in this career usually earns an estimate of $82,660.
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Video Game Designing

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