7th Grade Year

Brayden Sanders


One of my favorite teachers is Coach Soliz. He is a wonderful teacher who helps me if I need help. He is always fair with helping our grades out and always willing to go a little farther with help for others and myself.He even came on a Saturday morning to help us review for star. I am not really looking forward to leaving his classroom but I will still be able to come to him for help, and I will still be able to see him as a coach all throughout my high school years. I had a fun time in his classroom and not looking forward to leaving it.
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Mrs.Conway is a funny teacher. One reason I like her is that she doesn't put up with anyone crap. Even though she makes me mad at times she will still be the one of the best reading teacher i have had. She did well preparing us for the STAAR test and will do good for the rest of her years. P.S. She has been 21 for a long time :)
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Ms.Hand has always been a great teacher. She has been helpful, and we do fun things that help us to more understand what er are going over or learning something new. She is always willing to help us with work she gives us and helps us more understand it. Recently she gave us a research project to do, and she helped me with making my board look good and making sure my sentences were correct and made seance. I am really looking forward to seeing what we do with her in 8th grade.
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Coach Torres has been the best Texas History teacher I have ever had even though he is the only Texas History teacher I have ever had he was the best. He has even been kind to let us retake a test even if we failed it and bring it all the way up to an 85 which is better than a 70. I will rely not be looking forward to leaving him, though I will have him as an athletic coach all through high school. I am rely looking forward to seeing how Coach Leagan dose with teaching us.
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Language Arts

Mrs.Marshal has always been a good teacher to me. We have done some fun things in her class, recently we did a research project and she helped tremendously throughout the project and I will really miss her when I go to 8th grade. I am ready to see how Mrs.Conway teacher the same things, but in a bigger way.
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Mrs. Jones has been a really good teacher at helping us do more and more things on the computer. We have done some pretty boring things, but it is part of what she has to teaches us even though she might think it is even boring too. I am really looking forward to seeing what kind of fun things we will do in our 8th grade year.
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I really like band at times but I am looking forward to being with the high school band and getting to do the practices with them and other kind of fun things. I am really looking forward to going to band next year.
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Athletics been a big part of my life as a 7th grader. We have done some amazing sports with some amazing coaches who know what their doing. I am looking forward to leading middle school as an 8th grader.
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As a football team we had a great year with winning district. We went 9-3, we had some pretty close calls to loosing but we staid as a team and we did what we were coached to do and came out with a win. I am really glad that football was so fun and I am looking forward to play again throughout all of my high school years.